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Ibogaine Treatment Centers For Drug, Alcohol, Heroin Addiction

Unlike conventional treatment solutions, the use of ibogaine enables patients to wean off from the usage of drugs without having the accompanying cravings and withdrawal symptoms. How is this achievable? As ibogaine is broken down to Nor-ibogaine on the liver, it targets receptors in the brain which bring about craving and withdrawal symptoms. This effect will last up to approximately 6 months. This is very essential as this period of time can really help those coping with their obsession with forge new habits which can help them veer away from the issues that have encouraged them towards substance abuse. With ibogaine treatment, most people state that a single dosage has helped them stop their drug habit. However, booster treatments at a smaller dosage after six months happen to be proved to be effective. You can visit ibogaine clinics for more information on the same.


Living alongside someone who has substance abuse problems is like having bad dreams while you are still awake. Alcohol or drug abuse isn’t just merely about creating a negative selection to resolve a dilemma. Like opening a virtual Pandora’s Box, drug abuse could eventually lead to other concerns like trouble with the law, loss of jobs and breakdown of friendships. At some point, if you’re living with someone fighting with an addiction, you have to put your foot down and tell them to undertake treatment for their vice. However, not every detox procedure can feature effectivity like ibogaine treatment.

If you’ve seen the film Trainspotting, you can understand why some addicts as well as their families have second thoughts about detox treatments. In a certain scene, Renton, as portrayed by Ewan McGregor is experiencing the negative impacts of withdrawal as they attempt to halt his drug habits. Whether your family member has been abusing the usage of Oxycontin, Lortab, cocaine, methamphetamine or even alcohol, ibogaine treatment stands out as the highly effective resolution for your issue.

What can you expect on the treatment? Treatment differs from a single person to another; however, most patients report a buzzing or ringing sensation in their ears 40 minutes upon ingestion of ibogaine. Normally, this is accompanied by dancing lights and flashes of images. After 2 to 4 hours, these feelings fade as the patient’s brain resets its biochemistry. In 20 to 36 hours, dizziness, ataxia and inability to sleep disappear, helping to make the affected person fully functional. All in all, the specific detox period lasts between 15 to 36 hours while 3 to 5 days are given for post-treatment care. The rate of success with this type of treatment have been considered to be between 60% and 80%.